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All sessions are by appointment only. No riding involved.

Coffee in the Country

4-6 People: coffee, refreshments, and pastries included

Do you love the idea of hanging out in a serene country setting in the company of horses? Grab your girlfriends and book some ladies time away from your daily routine. Discover how connecting with these majestic animals calms your mind and re-energizes your spirit. Let us introduce you to the world of horses. Enjoy some grooming time with one of our beautiful horses and experience the amazing feeling of walking and leading a horse through a pasture. Coffee, tea and pastries included.

EAL Sessions

Using the Horse as our Teacher

Equine Assisted Learning sessions with one or more of our horses and a certified EAL facilitator. Using the horses and their interaction with us to work on improving life skills such as: self awareness, self confidence, effective non-verbal communication skills, positive body language, leadership skills, problem solving and critical thinking.

A Beginner/Intro to Horses Session

For the love of Horses

Get to know horses up close and personal. Learn about their behaviour and body language in a relaxed and natural setting. experience their willingness to communicate and connect with you as you enjoy some quality time grooming
and bonding with one of our beautiful horses, Learn how to halter and lead a horse. Feel the emotional support and acceptance from these amazing animals. A perfect experience for the first time horse enthusiast.


Just for Fun

A fun and relaxed time for families, parents, grandparents, siblings and friends to enjoy some quality time together in the country. Learn all about horses and their behaviour, ask lots of questions and take a turn to groom, feed and interact with one of our horses. Take lots of pictures and let us show you how we care for our horses and why they are so amazing!